I am a 1st generation American where I have grown up in a bilingual world just as many of the young ladies having events, so I understand their desire to have a contemporary styled event, but a Quinceañera is all about keeping the Latina traditions alive with a reaffirmation of our faiths & family unions. This is where my expertise in combining our Latina traditions with the contemporary style is of essence for every American Latina Quince Girl, I bridge the gap.

I began planning events approximately 5 years ago with family members then friends of family members and that brought me to where I am today. I assist anyone I can with their planning and I especially assist those within my Latina Community that are Spanish speaking only. The planning process can be especially hard for them when their ideas or needs are lost in translation sometimes. So this is where I do a lot of my not only planning but representation. I make sure that their needs are met and that they receive what they invested in.

I work with all sizes in budgets; small budgets challenge me I like that! Believe it or not, I work hard to get the best deals out there for my clients and I put on my creative thinking caps for them too. In this economic climate we need to be able to have our events but at a minimum. I sacrifice a little here and there but never value or style! I make sure my quince girl feels like a princess for a day! This makes her parents and family involved very happy.

Planning Quinces and Sweet 16 events are very near and dear to my heart. I enjoy every minute of the planning process therefore I do not see planning an event as just another job, this is my passion.

Celia Barrios

Se Habla Español

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Why hire an event planner?

  • On average planning an event will take 250 hours. So between family, work and every other normal day to day responsibilities become to much to handle.
  • Hiring an experienced planner is essential when planning a once in a lifetime event like a Wedding, Quince or any coming of age event.
  • Enjoying the event planning stress free is priceless.
  • You the hostess of your event will have a great time pick and choosing your style and look of the event with our guidance and contemporary style along with combining the tradition of the event being planned.
  • We will keep you on a schedule and set budget due to our expertise in the field of planning events.
  • With our great network of tried and tested vendors you are safe from any unethical vending practices.

Our Business
We have been in business for 5 years and have been dedicated to our clients through out this time and have had the opportunity to work with the most amazing young ladies and their families to create extraordinary events. With over 100 coming of age events under our experience belt we have seen it all and no request is to small or large. We can orchestrate any dream you and your princess have. Give us a call we will make it happen!

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