Limousine rental companies – who to choose?

The Party Bus for Quinceaneras has become almost standard for Quinces in Los Angeles. But how do you choose the best one for you? Did you know not all are created equal?

Tiaras and Tacones Tips on How to book your next Party Limo Bus

Tip #1

Book early. At least 6 months in advance is what limousine Bus Owner from Exquisite Limousine Services advices. If your event is between April and September you are competing with Proms, Graduations and Weddings along with all the other Quinceaneras or Sweet 16 Events.

Tip #2

Ask for restrictions like a 4 or 6 hour minimums that are becoming standard for saturday events for most limo companies.

Tip #3

Ask if the price quoted includes tax & gratuity. Many times you will only receive the rental fee without these charges and have to pay these extra fees on the day of your Quinceanera.

Tip #4

Ask to see the vehicle you are renting at a show room or place of business. The condition of the vehicle may not be of the quality you expect so it is always best to inspect prior to booking. If you don’t mind an older model Limousine or Limousine Bus you can probably negotiate a better price. Ask if the vehicle is cleaned before your trip. These vehicle have multiple trips in one day.

Tip #5

Ask questions like, will refreshments be included? How will the driver be dressed? You don’t want a disheveled looking driver coming out in your photos as you exit the vehicle.

Tip #6

Having a good time is important but safety is also very important. So don’t forget to ask if Drivers have a clean driving and criminal record. Some companies are very lenient with who they hire as drivers. You don’t want just anyone driving your Quinceanera and her court around for several hours.

Tip #7

Ask the company you are hiring if all insurances are up to date? The last thing you need is for your Quinceanera party be delayed due to an issue with the limousine being towed due to a routine traffic stop by police and finding out the hard way.

Tiaras and Tacones hires only the best! book thru our company and rely on us to make sure you get what you payed for. Great service, great price and a great experience.