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Quinceanera planning tips – Blended families

Real Talk -  Planning a Quinceanera with a blended family

Planning a Quinceanera with a blended family is more common than you think.    How to navigate the planning process when parents are divorced and or remarried? Having two different sets of ideas can cause havoc to the fun part of planning your Quinceanera.  A neutral person to serve as a mediator like an event planner is very helpful to a family with two sets of parents that can’t agree on anything about the event.  We must remember first and foremost your goal is to have the best possible event for the honoree the ‘Quinceanera’ .

3 top issues blended families encounter and how to solve them.

1. Who pays for what?
2. Who is in charge of what?
3. The traditions, who does what?

As soon as you know you want to have a Quince you need to talk about the financial side of the planning. It can be a balancing act to keep everyone on the same page on how much to spend on.

1st thing to do is to sit down on your own or with a professional who can be the mediator and give you an actual plan of action you can all agree on.

before you sit with a professional event planner
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Fall trends for Quinceaneras

As summer comes to a close and everyone returns to school. We are heading into the Fall season and Quinceaneras continue to be planned all over Southern California. I have been asked by several clients and or colleges regarding fall trends. Darker colors and or jeweled colors are very popular in the fall season. Yet I tell my clients not to limit themselves to have to stick to darker or warmer themes just because its fall/winter. But if you must. Awesome combos: Deep purples and gold with hints of orange make for a beautiful event. Deep reds and Aquas are also colors that you might not think will work but pairing them together allows the Quinceanera who wants to use a Spring color like Aqua. A dark brown with rose pinks and light golds is perfect for a Quinceanera too. Don’t forget to add hints of ivory and whites to most of your themes or color selections. I see some events too dark and almost depressing for a Quinceanera. A Quince girl should be a delicate and sweet look no matter what direction you take your decor/theme.

The Mitzy Experience – By Tiaras and Tacones Events


This past Saturday February 2nd, 2013 had a chance to visit an open house for Mitzy Beverly Hills. Racks of dresses and mannequins with evening gowns adorn the showroom. Quinceanera dresses in many colors and designs. Mitzy is a Mexican Designer that is very well known in Mexico for designing dresses for celebrities. Read more

How to choose colors for your Quinceanera

So you are starting to plan your event. How do you narrow down your color scheme?

Here are some ways to narrow it down.

1. Your favorite color or colors?

2. Time of year your event will take place?

3. Will your color scheme fit your venue selected?

So you select your color or colors, what now?

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Quinceanera Planning Consultation

To begin planning a Quinceanera is  very exciting for my clients but sometimes also very scary. With all the good and then mostly the bad you hear out there of people who do not value the craft of event planning nor the hard work and most of the time the sacrifice. Our clients save up for such special days like their daughter’s Quince years in advance. I can speak to new clients at our 1st consultation for hours when it comes to our ideas & needs for the event. I met 2 very nice families today. I am excited to possibly work with them, their themes… Vintage Disney! love it… So no matter what your budget is big or small. Get consultations from experts in the business. You would be surprised how our guidance goes a long way and not only can save you money in the long run but you can also be in the now of what is up in the exciting world of Quinceaneras.

QUINCE EXPO @ Sportsmen’s Lodge 3-11-12

Gracias por visitarnos hoy en nuestro booth en el Expo de el Conocimos a muchas Quince Girls in Traning! Espero que muchas de ustedes les guste nuestra pajina y podamos platicar mas a fondo de todo lo que Tiaras and Tacones les puede ofrecer. Nos pueden dejar un email aqui en nuestra pajina o llamar para una cita en nuestra oficina.

Thank you for visiting us at the Quinceanera Expo today! We had lots of fun getting to know all of you. All the Quince girls in Training should now have our locker sticker or planning binder sticker that we gave away at the expo today. Let us know when you would like to schedule a consultation so we can determine all the wonderful services we have available for your event.

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A Limo Bus for your Quinceanera – Tiaras and Tacones Tips on how to book like a pro

Limousine rental companies – who to choose?

The Party Bus for Quinceaneras has become almost standard for Quinces in Los Angeles. But how do you choose the best one for you? Did you know not all are created equal?

Tiaras and Tacones Tips on How to book your next Party Limo Bus

Tip #1

Book early. At least 6 months in advance is what limousine Bus Owner from Exquisite Limousine Services advices. If your event is between April and September you are competing with Proms, Graduations and Weddings along with all the other Quinceaneras or Sweet 16 Events.

Tip #2

Ask for restrictions like a 4 or 6 hour minimums that are becoming standard for saturday events for most limo companies. Read more

Red Capet Vip Entrance – Add a Wow Factor to your Quinceanera

A Red carpet with a step and repeat background for your Quinceanera in many colors is the newest trend for Quinces in Los Angeles. Your guests will love taking pictures with the Quinceanera at the entrance and feel like superstars. Read more