As summer comes to a close and everyone returns to school. We are heading into the Fall season and Quinceaneras continue to be planned all over Southern California. I have been asked by several clients and or colleges regarding fall trends. Darker colors and or jeweled colors are very popular in the fall season. Yet I tell my clients not to limit themselves to have to stick to darker or warmer themes just because its fall/winter. But if you must. Awesome combos: Deep purples and gold with hints of orange make for a beautiful event. Deep reds and Aquas are also colors that you might not think will work but pairing them together allows the Quinceanera who wants to use a Spring color like Aqua. A dark brown with rose pinks and light golds is perfect for a Quinceanera too. Don’t forget to add hints of ivory and whites to most of your themes or color selections. I see some events too dark and almost depressing for a Quinceanera. A Quince girl should be a delicate and sweet look no matter what direction you take your decor/theme.