So you are starting to plan your event. How do you narrow down your color scheme?

Here are some ways to narrow it down.

1. Your favorite color or colors?

2. Time of year your event will take place?

3. Will your color scheme fit your venue selected?

So you select your color or colors, what now?

Take the following into consideration,

Color combinations are always key. For a Quinceanera consider 2 primary and 2 secondary colors.

Example: Purple is your main color and the color of your dress. Now we would like for you to look like the princess that you are, So we don’t want you to be overshadowed by anyone or anything at your event. Rule #1 Purple will be your dominating color but should not be the major color in your event decor, so no matching purple Table linen or have someone else wearing the same color as you. We don’t want you to blend into the tables as you walk by Or have you not be the center of attention. Rule # 2 pick a contrasting color like white for the majority of your linen decor, this will also help keep your cost down when renting out linen. Rule # 3 pick a bright or soft color like pink, yellow,lavender or coral to make it young and fun, it will also be easy to combine these colors with flowers that bloom all year. Rule # 4 ┬áhaving an evening event? Then add a pop of a metalic bling crystals, silver or gold tones to your decor, small accents can play up your decor and give your a very elegant look to your event. combining several colors schemes allow you to keep your options open with decor and give your event a contemporary look.

For a more in depth evaluation on your upcoming event please consider us for your event planning and or virtual planning services needs.