Real Talk –  Planning a Quinceanera with a blended family

Planning a Quinceanera with a blended family is more common than you think.    How to navigate the planning process when parents are divorced and or remarried? Having two different sets of ideas can cause havoc to the fun part of planning your Quinceanera.  A neutral person to serve as a mediator like an event planner is very helpful to a family with two sets of parents that can’t agree on anything about the event.  We must remember first and foremost your goal is to have the best possible event for the honoree the ‘Quinceanera’ .

3 top issues blended families encounter and how to solve them.

1. Who pays for what?
2. Who is in charge of what?
3. The traditions, who does what?

As soon as you know you want to have a Quince you need to talk about the financial side of the planning. It can be a balancing act to keep everyone on the same page on how much to spend on.

1st thing to do is to sit down on your own or with a professional who can be the mediator and give you an actual plan of action you can all agree on.

before you sit with a professional event planner

1. have a guest list –   The number of guests has to be done before you begin the planning process. This determines your choice in venue size and everything from cake size to number of invitations you will order.

2. Wish list – have all that your Quinceanera/Sweet 16 girl wants and needs for event. This will give you a clear picture on what needs to be quoted on to create a budget.


1. Depending on your parents’ financial obligations they will have to decide if they will be contributing an equal share as in 50/50.  If one of the parents is not going to contribute an equal share then the best way to do it is 1 item at a time. Come to an agreement on what the event will actually need and what you can do without if possible. It is never a good idea to begin the planning process with tension between blended families. If later in the process of planning family and friends join in and decide to sponsor something off your wish list then great  if not then you wont feel like your event is ruined.

2.  Who is in charge of what?

Depending on who the Q2b lives with it may be easier for that parent to do most of the appointments and have the parent who lives further away or has a little more time to call from home make all the follow up contacts.  It is always important to work together and come the agreement that you may not see eye to eye in some things but your goal here is to make your event a success.

3. The traditions

Who dances with Q2b 1st?  Biological father or Step father? How about a very involved grandfather or a role model godfather? or what if Q2b has no men but all great women in her life? What is a gal to do?

It’s always important to allow the Quinceanera to follow her heart and not pressure them into doing what is not in them to do.

There are many moments at the Quinceanera event where everyone can have a special moment to share on the dance floor.

The other traditions that may be divided are the toast, cake cutting, shoe exchange tiara presentation, last doll, scepter presentation.

Dance moments that can be used for different people involved if needed,

Grand entrance – walks around with Quinceanera around the dance floor to music
1st dance after shoe presentation – slower type song may be used
A grandfather / Brother / God father dance – any song chosen by family
1st fun dance incorporated into program part of surprise dance – fun song may be used
party starter dance – 1 official song after program is done and get everyone on the dance floor

So as you can tell there is always a solution to a complicated or delicate subject. Communication is key!

So Plan away !!

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